Clifford Dunn’s Musical and Scientific Life

Hello! I’m a musician and a software developer currently living in the Seattle area. Having grown up in Washington State and spending some time studying music in Europe, I have a unique approach to music and its practice. With a bachelor’s degree and two master’s degrees in the subject, there is not much in the musical world I haven’t experienced! From performing in large concert halls to dingy bars and in front of audiences of 1 to 1000, I have a great deal of confidence and experience to bring music to life and most importantly, to enjoy it!


Years of Experience

As a flutist, pianist, and composer. Obtained music degrees in Wind Performance, Composition, and Composition with Music and Technology. Attended Central Washington University and the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Utrecht.


Musical performances throughout Europe, the USA, and Canada

Including hundreds of premieres, performances in orchestras, wind ensembles, chamber music ensembles, big bands, jazz combos, and solo performances.


Improvisation, Contemporary music and techniques, teaching.

Dedicated the musical journey to today’s music in all its forms. Particularly interested in new approaches to technique, improvisation, and inspiring young minds to explore musical creativity.