Clifford Dunn’s Musical Skills

My musical passions lie in three distinct areas: performing, composing, and teaching. Within each of these musical sections, I can gladly talk your ear off!


With more than 30 years of experience performing in public, I still find it exhilarating to share my musical interpretations with an audience either live or virtually. I have performed throughout the US, Canada, and Europe on the flute playing everything from Machaut to Metallica. I have a particular focus on experimental and avant-garde music. Improvisation and densely notated music. I consider myself a specialist in using extended techniques.


With two advanced degrees in the subject, some might consider my musical composition to be my most developed skill. I take influences from some of the greatest composers in the Western Art Tradition like Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Debussy, etc. I am also fascinated with the avant-gardism of the twentieth century with composers like John Cage, George Crumb, Krzysztof Penderecki, Olivier Messiaen. I am always interested in the newest music available and have fallen in love with the music of Alexandra du Bois, Michael Edwards, Arooj Aftab, and so many others! I also can’t deny my great love and inspiration from pop music, jazz, electronic music, and noise art.


Something I never thought I would enjoy, but I now find extremely satisfying and rewarding is teaching young kids music! In particular, I love to be a piano teacher to kids. I have an aesthetic of insisting that my students come with an open mind, explore every type of music available, but ultimately make decisions about the music they like and want to learn. Regardless of instrument, I focus on teaching technique, theory, history, and literature. I have had up to 64 students at one time, and I’m always excited to speak with any potential lover of music that wants to learn this art. I will regularly check in to see if we’re all having fun with music. There’s a reason we say that we “play” music, and if it’s not fun, I will focus on how to make it fun again!